It’s not what you think – Egypt 1

Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie Tyler

When does an adventure begin? It is always hard to find a point to identify as the beginning. What you end up with is a starting point that you are comfortable with. A place that seems befitting to be called a start rather than the start. So my arrival at Sharm el Sheikh is a starting point for this series of adventures. As a previous post relates, I had added an additional stop to my Egypt trip so as to take in a performance by the beautiful Kim Wilde at a light switching on event.

The show was scheduled to take place at a place called Soho Square. My hotel was some 30 minutes from that place and as I travelled to that location I noticed a poster board. It proclaimed that Bonnie Tyler would be performing at the evening show.

What! Seriously!

I was disappointed. Although I don’t mind Bonnie Tyler as a replacement, I was so expecting Kim! Bugger! Well, since I was here I might as well enjoy the show, right? Bonnie performed for an hour, belting out new and old favourites. A dance worthy show. I returned to my hotel and wondered whether this change to expectation was of some notable significance. The dowsing rods said yes and I presumed the message was simple…

Expect what is not expected.

I am writing this after my return from the Land of the Sun and can confirm that it went amazingly off plan. Watch this place for an amazing Arabian adventure!

Kal Malik

The Whetstones and The Hoarstones

In this second part of our Winter expedition to Shropshire we re-visit two circles that we have only been to once before – the so-called Whetstones and Hoarstones circles. Having had such a wonderful experience at Mitchell’s Fold there was little or no expectations attached to our visits to these much smaller circles. As this tale of healing shows, you can’t always judge the power of a circle by its size!

The first of the circles was The Whetstones, a semi-destroyed circle in the lee of Corndon Hill, less than a mile away from Mitchell’s Fold.

Sharpness at The Whetstones

We parked on the small road which passes the base of Corndon Hill, and looked for an entry point into the field. We could see that there was a cluster of stones in the second field away, but we couldn’t remember how we had got there previously. Over a rotting wooden stile, slippery with moss, and then into an empty field. We walked along the barbed wire fence until we found bunches and branches of prickly holly, ripe with berries, but slashed from the bushes, and now lying forlorn in the field. We both carefully gathered a small sample – only taking the fallen bounty.

Whetstones - Dec 14 (8) (Medium)

We found a slack part of the barbed wire where others had obviously gained entry to the stones as well, and we hopped over into another field empty except for some distant sheep and a cluster of recumbent stones only feet away on a low rise. The circle was energetically defunct – that much we could tell from its feel and when we dowsed this only confirmed what we already ‘knew’. We’re getting good at identifying subtle energy forces now, and the rods only act as confirmation most of the time.

We checked whether it was suitable and proper to try to re-energise the circle. There was no spirit of place to connect to – one did not exist for this site, and so we only had our intuition and the dowsing response to work with. This informed us that it was okay to try, and we both got the same reply. Independently, and in our own ways, we both laid down offerings at different parts of the circle. I had with me the recently acquired holly, a stone that I had picked up when walking to the circle, and some old bones that I had obtained from Five Wells Barrow in Derbyshire. Now was the time to use these objects to set a new intention – to re-energise this site.

Whetstones - Dec 14 (5) (Medium)

Bones used to energise a sacred site

After setting our intention we did a bit of dowsing to see whether our work had attracted a new spirit of place or not. We both learned that the new spirit would be an animal spirit, and that it  will come to the circle some time in the near future, although we couldn’t tell when. Kal dowsed that it would be a rabbit!

With that done, we felt ready to move on to our next objective – another small stone circle in the marshlands about a mile or two further on close to the village of Hemford.

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Calling a Genius Loci

Genius Loci Rabbit

Genius Loci Rabbit

Sometimes a sacred site pilgrimage turns into a multi-site visit. At such times, I wonder…am I going to the site or is the site calling me? It is a chicken and egg scenario as far as I’m concerned. At some point on our visit to Mitchells Fold, Chris said, let’s go to the Whetstones. Why not, I said and so off we went.

Minutes later we parked the car and clambered over the fence. En route we spotted some seasonally appropriate holly and both of us felt the need to gather some sprigs. Clambering another fence brought us to the site. It felt a bit empty to me so I asked whether the site needed to be energised? The answer was yes. So I went about working to bring some life to this sacred place. The upshot was a simple ceremony that had me placing Crystals, Coin (the one empowered by the Fay in Brittany) and incense. I left this collection in the site and brought in energy from the surrounding fields. A call, if you will.

Unbeknownst to me, Chris was up to a similar kind of work…synchronicity…I finished my work at the same time Chris did and we compared notes. “Ask what kind of spirit is being called?” he asked me to ask. I went through a list of spirits and the rods settled on Rabbit.

Kal Malk

ps: Here is the offering that attracted a new Genius Loci…



Learning more about “the dress”

Being Grateful

Being Grateful

In this post I told you about my intuitive push towards buying a dress. I know, it sounds weird to me too. Gosh! However, since Chris and I were out hunting answers at sacred sites, I thought that I  might try and discover more about this departure from the norm. It was approaching mid-day when I arrived at the outskirts of a field that holds the Hoar Stones.

Chris was lagging way behind and at one point I turned to look into the forest behind me. Had I heard him in there? No, he wouldn’t have come that way. But something with it had caught my attention. I decided to explore.

I peered into the gloom and saw something flit away. A bird? I took some steps into the trees. Again something caught my attention. I got the feeling that this was something more than normal creature. Each time I considered giving up the venture, another noise or twitch would entice me further and deeper into the forest. Until, at one point, a protective instinct pulled me short…the pied piper… it was a whisper of a thought but it was enough to break my focus. Ah… I said to the invisible thing in the gloom, pointing an accusing finger into the trees. “Not this time…” I told it, whatever form of Leprechaun it was and turned my back on it with a slash of energy to cut any threads.

By the time I got to the Hoar stones, Chris had caught up. I approached the stones and asked whether any preparation was needed? Yes. So I followed the rods to the directed place and infused myself with the energies of this place. Once done, I asked whether there was anything I could do for this place? No. Was the energy of an alignment that I could learn something? Yes. Brilliant.

What I wanted to know was, was me getting the dress just a moment of insanity or was it something energetically significant? It was significant. I double and triple checked this answer. Asking the question in a variety of ways. Each time the answer was Yes. What can you do? It had been an intuitive decision. But what the heck did that mean? Why? It is the most popular question that we ask and one that, as you know, cannot be answered.

Okay, so the dress was significant, I thought to myself but was interrupted by myself. No, it wasn’t the dress, it was the person to whom the dress would fit (and be given to). Oh no…this was a familiar road…

A couple of years ago (was it only then?) I was on a quest to become a knight. At the beginning of that year long quest I had been told that at the end of it, I would encounter and rescue a maiden. By all improbability, that had been how that quest had turned out. Unbelievable! Was this going to be of a similar flavour? If so, I had better keep the lessons from that one to hand.

I wondered whether there was anything else to learn? Apparently so. I asked whether I should take this dress to Egypt with me? You never know, until you ask! No. But I would learn the identity of the person to whom the dress was going to on the Winter Solstice. Well, well, well.

The well of knowledge had dried out with that final piece and I was left, as per usual, with more questions than answers.

As an addendum, on our way back Chris stopped to take some pictures by the side of the forest. Again, I was drawn into looking into the forest. The tug was stronger than before. But then a strange thing happened. Chris’s staff called to me…of course…it had just gained the power to cleanse. I reached out and grasped it from the tree Chris had laid it against. A whoosh of power rushed in and through me as it burned through the tangle of weaves that were surrounding me. Wow!

Kal Malik – following a mad plan

Swapping Spirits at Mitchells Fold

This year has seen a slight change in approach to sacred sites. For the last few years I have been steadfastly holding the opinion that I should visit places with a specific purpose or set of questions. This year that has been less of a rule and I have often gone to places without any set agenda, often having a fantastic experience. However, for this visit I had a strange feeling that I wanted to investigate. Something was nagging me about my current spirit guide, Ash. Something was rotten in the state of Denmark, as Shakespeare put it, and I wanted to know more. Therefore when Kal suggested Mitchell’s Fold stone circle I knew what questions to ask my guide:

  1. Am I still on track in terms of my spiritual path?
  2. Are we still on track, as a partnership?
  3. Do I need to concentrate on anything?
  4. Is he staying around, or is there someone else waiting to meet me?

The Unfolding at The Fold

Midday Winter sun at Mitchells Fold stone circle

Midday Winter sun over Corndon Hill, Shropshire

On arrival Kal strode off to the stone circle, whilst I was guided off through the dying brown bracken to join a path that led to the King Stone outlier. From this stone you get a good overview of the stone circle which lies some hundred yards away. I could see Kal wandering around with his dowsing rods, finding a perfect place to cleanse, attune and then work. This, we have learned, is the process to use:

  1. find a cleansing place to prepare your energies
  2. find a place where your energies can attune to the site
  3. find a place where you can work with the energies of the site

My cleansing place was the King Stone, After a few moments I was ready to be taken to the preparation place – the place where my energies would change vibration to match the site. The dowsing rods showed me the direction – it was a small animal track through the bracken which would have been almost invisible in the Summer months, but which was visible now to those who looked.

The rods swung left to point at the edge of the stone circle, rather than taking me into the structure yet. The attunement space was a spot outside circle which I had not been to before. I like new things! The portent was that something new was going to happen. When I felt ready I asked for a place where I could “work”, i.e. where I could ask my questions about my spirit guide. The rods took me to the tallest standing stone in the structure, and there I bumped into Kal as he too vied for the same spot!

Time for some answers!

Mitchells Fold - Dec 14 (Medium)

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Mitchells Fold and the Element of Air

Divining the Air Element

Divining the Air Element

We arrived at this easiest of access sacred sites in the frosty morning of near mid winter. As I approached the site, I asked for a place to prepare (and indeed whether I needed to prepare). I was taken to a place just near where the path meets the place and told…here it is.

I stood in the freezing wind for a few minutes and then got the – quite clear message – “lie down” Thinking that I needed to sit on the floor, I sat. Only to have the message repeated…”lie down” So I lay down and immediately I was freed from the bristling cold wind. Wow! It was actually quite a nice breeze that rippled my collar.

Minutes later, I felt that I was done with the preparation and the urge to continue on came over me. Where and what next? I pondered witch of my current quests was to be the learning subject today. Would it be the Wand Quest? No. The element quest? Yes. I was surprised because I already knew that the next element (Fire) was to collected in Egypt. Would I learn about the final element, Air? Yes.

Now, I was excited! With quickened steps I followed the rods to a flat stone that had puddles of water on it. No lying down this time, I thought. I stood upon the stone and looked out amongst the hills and the sun, bright and cold on this frosty morning. Where is this element I asked? I felt the spirit of that place rise and give direction…

  • “look deep into your quest” it said.

Of course! Why do we forget the gifts we have been given? I grasped hold of the EARTH element and looked deep into the puddles of WATER that were at my feet. As I did so I was lifted into the air. High above the countryside and further still I went until I could see the rim of the Earth. I considered the west and the America’s but was deflected from that direction. The same with North and South too. East? I flew off in the direction I was allowed to.

China? I thought and the answer was No. A wild thought occurred to me. Ayres Rock, Australia? No. I breathed a sigh of relief. Closer to home was the thought that brushed my attention. Europe? Yes, I felt that the Element was there. Spain, France or Italy? As soon as Italy came to mind, the distinctive tower of Pisa came to mind and just as quickly vanished. Next door, Florence!

That was it! I knew it instantly! Florence was the location that I would find the Element of Air. Really? Florence?

Come on, you know me. Yes I am guided, but I am not averse to questioning that guidance. Indeed, in this instance, I wondered what was doing the guidance? Caileach, Genius Loci? Neither were the culprit. Then I heard a familiar music…my Energy Double. Without question, that was what it was. With that bit of enlightenment I was dropped back on to the earth with a final gift of knowledge and foresight…you will not go alone.

I let that last bit of knowledge settle in me…you will not go alone…who would be going with me? More mysteries remained. But I had gained a fantastic piece of the puzzle. Florence!

As I completed my work so did Chris. Of course it was pure coincidence that his experience involved an Air Elemental!

Kal Malik – Florence with someone…

ps: so I am writing this post and I get a phone call from a lady … I wonder…

Five bones and Five Wells

Five Wells barrow near Chelmorton, Derbyshire [link].

Every once in a while I have an experience which is completely unexpected and yet immensely powerful. Yes, I am on a sacred path, and much of this is marked out for me, but when you’re not expecting something it can be much more powerful. Such was the nature of my vision at Five Wells Barrow near Chelmorton village in Derbyshire.

Kal and I ventured out because it had been a while since we had just gone out for “fun” with no agenda or notion of what might happen. We wanted a site we could get to relatively easily, but which we hadn’t been to in a while. Five Wells fitted that bill. Yes, it’s close to Arbor Low, but frankly that site is rather harsh at this time of year (or any time of year really). There was a biting cold wind so the idea of being snug inside a barrow seemed more inviting that being blasted in Arbor Low’s open space.

Five Wells barrow - Oct 14 (3) (Medium)

The fantastic Five Wells Barrow above Chelmorton, Derbyshire

Kal and I seemed to have similar ideas. We both began to dowse and were soon standing just feet apart from each other as we moved from a cleansing power centre to one which would allow us to get to the right vibration to energetically connect to the site. It was amusing that we seemed to choose adjacent or even the same power centres.

Soon we were moving off to do our own work. Kal had some questions about his current quests and the journeys they would involve, whereas I had no particular purpose in mind except that I had brought my yew staff and wondered whether I was to work with that in some way. Standing on a suitable power centre I connected in to the site and to its Spirit of Place. Soon I was seeing through glazed eyes.I asked a simple question:

“Why is this site called Five Wells?”

My attention was being moved for me now – my eyes being systematically moved from one point in the distance to another. My head was being turned too, and when the point in the distance was achieved then my vision was momentarily re-focused so that I could see what I was supposed to look at. I have had this kind of “being moved” thing happen before, and so I wasn’t afraid of it. I just let it happen, and as my eyes were focused on one spot I asked “What is there?” Each time the answer was “sacred water”. I counted the number of points I was drawn to. Five!

What was I being told?

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